Driving Lessons Crouch End. Testimonial from Oliva who passed first time.



Driving Lessons Crouch End

I really cannot rate Nik highly enough. I learnt with him pretty much from scratch, aged 27, and without the ability to practise in-between lessons. He was patient and supportive and good-humoured throughout. Lessons went at my pace and I was given the opportunity to direct lessons to goals set by me if I wanted to, with suggestions and advice from Nik throughout.

I know that I am an anxious driver and Nik dealt with this brilliantly, finding ways and strategies for me to overcome this and boost my confidence.

I found him polite, funny, highly intelligent, good company, and a great teacher. Also I have a job which can make it difficult to schedule lessons or mean that they have to be changed or cancelled with little notice, and Nik was very accommodating with this.

I passed first time with only four minors, and I owe this entirely to Nik. Although I am past the age limit where PassPlus makes a difference to my insurance premium, I will be doing PassPlus with Nik to increase my road confidence because I trust him implicitly as a teacher.

Olivia Potts, Crouch End