Driving Lessons East Finchley. Jack’s review.

Driving Lessons East Finchley. Jack’s review.

Manual Driving Lessons East Finchley. Jack passed his manual driving test with Drive with Nik.

Driving Lessons East Finchley

I passed my manual driving test within just a few months of starting to learn – thanks to Nik.

He is a fantastic teacher, allowing you to progress at your own pace and giving you detailed instructions and feedback throughout.

Nik is one of the most relaxed people you will ever meet. He has a great sense of humour, is full of interesting conversations (if you feel like chatting) and will

always make you feel at ease while you’re driving – even if you’re not confident. There is nothing to worry about with Nik by your side.

Nik is also incredibly professional – he even took time out when he was supposed to be on holiday to take my test with me!

I will be forever in Nik’s debt for helping me to gain my driving license – and for making it fun along the way.

I could not recommend him more.