Driving Lessons Palmers Green. Testimonial from Ashkan who passed first time.




Driving Lessons Palmers Green. Driving Instructor Palmers Green.

Good driving Instructors are hard to come by, however, you will be pleased to know Nik is an incredible instructor who seems to ooze both experience and confidence. His teaching capabilities are enforced by his patience and great observation skills. He is more than willing to pinpoint your mistakes and update you with your progress after each lesson – showing great care towards each student. On top of most things, Nik is extremely Punctual and he makes sure you are getting the services you are paying for. I’m glad to have used Drive with Nik and I wish he was the 1st instructor I had gone too. This cool instructor will definitely get my recommendation!Thanks Nik.

Ashkan Ashtari, Palmers Green