Driving Lessons Southgate. Testimonial from Yan who passed her driving test first time with Drive with Nik.



Driving Lessons Southgate

After I passed my driving test today at Barnet, I can only regret one thing: why didn’t I choose Drive with Nik earlier!!! Obviously, Nik is not my first driving instructor. If I haven’t met Nik, I would probably never have known how bad my last one was. I had 40 hours of driving lessons with my previous driving instructor, then I took the test, but failed. Then he told me, don’t worry, do another 10 hours, you will be fine. I trusted him, but failed again, with 19 minors and 3 serious faults. That driving instructor didn’t care that much, and just told me it’s just bad luck, you should do another 10 or 20 hours to make yourself more comfortable with driving. But I felt there must be something wrong because I didn’t really know what I did wrong! He never really gave me any clear instructions. So, I decided to stop and try some other instructor. This time, I only searched for those instructors with good reviews (the first time I only checked the price). Then I found Drive with Nik. He made me realise that although I have had 50 hours of driving lessons, I still hardly knew anything about driving (I can tell my last instructor’s whole divorce story vividly though). Nik was extremely patient, extremely knowledgeable about driving and methods of teaching. He always spot those particular faults I was doing and focussed on them. With his handouts and online videos, everything gets even more helpful. He’s such a professional. He’s not someone just working for money, he really cares about the learners. Can’t thank him enough and recommend him higher.