Manual Driving Lessons Haringey. Magda passed first time.

Manual Driving Lessons Haringey. Magda passed first time.

Manual Driving Lessons Haringey. Magda passed her practical driving test first time with Drive with Nik.

Manual Driving Lessons Haringey

Congratulations Magda on passing your driving test first time at Wood Green driving test centre. Only 4 minors

Magda’s review

I switched to Nik’s lessons from another provider around my 5th driving lesson ever, when I compared my driving experiences with a friend who was at the time taking lessons with him (also passed 1st time!) and was amazed by how great these lessons sounded compared to mine. She described Nik as a non-judgemental teacher with a sound approach to actually making sure his students make progress, an approach that is very much tailored to your individual needs – and that’s exactly how I felt during the process. For years I was very nervous about the idea of driving until Nik had managed to very successfully convince me that I can actually drive and even enjoy it. It also didn’t take as long as I thought it would, thanks to the personal approach – each lesson we worked on correcting the “issues” from previous lessons, while Nik also explained everything thoroughly, so that not only I knew what I’ve done wrong or right, but also what could be the consequences of both right and wrong actions – and how can I work to improve the “wrong”. Nik has a very good approach to teaching and is focused on your success at driving safely around London and beyond. He also knows the roads of North London perfectly, and thanks to him, the test roads felt familiar as we have been driving on them before, numerous times. If you’re committed to becoming a safe, skilled driver, I wouldn’t hesitate any longer but contact Nik for availability today.