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DVSA Approved Driving Instructor based in North London offering automatic and manual driving lessons in Arnos Grove, East Barnet, Bounds Green, Cockfosters, Edmonton, Enfield, Friern Barnet, New Southgate, Oakwood, Palmers Green, Southgate, and Winchmore Hill.


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Taking your driving lessons with me will help you pass your driving test quickly and easily with a structured course tailored to your needs and requirements. You will benefit from my method of learning to drive which will help you to become a safe, responsible and efficient driver in as short a time as possible. You will find your time with me as your driving instructor to be challenging yet supportive, moving along at a pace that you feel happy with.

Areas Covered & Prices

I cover N9 N11 N13 N14 N18 N21 EN1 EN2 EN4

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2 hour driving lesson - £80


Block of 10 hours - £390


Block of 20 hours - £740


Block of 30 hours - £1050


Block of 40 hours - £1320


6 hours PassPlus course - £300

Teaching Jeremiah

Watch more than twenty 2 hour lessons of Jeremiah’s journey from beginner to passing his test.

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Learning resources including video tutorials and lesson plans. Only available for customers taking lessons.

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Learners using Theory Test Pro are twice as likely to pass. Free of charge for customers taking lessons.

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Joe passed first time with Drive with Nik. Read his fantastic testimonial below!

It may seem strange, suspicious even that Nik has a perfect 5.0 rating on all his sites. Having learnt with Nik over 6 months, this does not surprise me in the slightest. He is perhaps the best teacher I have ever had, even including my high school and university experiences. He is patient, attentive, and makes sure to teach in a way that best suits the individual student. I had been wanting to learn to drive since I was very young, and with Nik I passed first time with only a few minors; he helped me achieve my goal.
When we first started, he explained everything very clearly and simply, and within an hour of touching the wheel for the first time I was in 2nd gear and driving through a residential area. He has an iPad with loads of really useful driving theory and teaching apps to help explain junctions and other things, and is so attentive to your performance and how you can improve. As I started gaining confidence, he catered the lessons to what I wanted to focus on, and would always ask how I felt things were going (or what I wanted to practice more of that day). He is also very trusting once you have the fundamentals down. I’ll never forget the excitement of driving myself back home for the first time, or getting honked at for stalling in traffic on the North circular. I always felt comfortable with Nik there to help me out, and a few times he used his own pedals and wheel to save me from what I’m sure would have been a painful insurance claims.
As we got closer to the test, Nik really honed in on each point on the test checklist to make sure I had everything covered, including the somewhat obscure theory questions you get asked, all the technical stuff under the bonnet you need to know, and driving with SatNav. Also, he knows the whole area really well and has loads of tips about test routes that you wouldn’t otherwise know. On the test itself, not once did I drive down a road I hadn’t been down several times before, and that was all thanks to Nik’s preparation. Some new learners might be tempted to go with an instructor company or big driving school, but learning with an individual who controls his entire business is so much better for you as a student. Nik was fantastic, and a great laugh as well. I recommend anyone who is thinking of learning to choose him, it’ll be one of the best decisions you ever make..”

Joe, Wood Green

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Driving Lessons Bowes Park. Kirsten passed 1st time.

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I have passed my driving test first time with DriveWithNik after only 16 hours of tuition! I booked lessons with Nik after seeing his excellent video series on YouTube where he takes a learner from the beginning through to test success. I was thrilled when I was able to start lessons with Nik, as due to his popularity he is booked for weeks in advance, so when I saw a cancellation I booked it straight away. From the very first lesson with Nik, I felt in safe hands, he has a delightful sense of humour, and encyclopedic knowledge of the road traffic act; what is required to get you through the test, as well as being a human satnav of the Wood Green test area! Further, Nik uses dash cam footage to great effect, replaying in real time and highlighting mistakes you may have made. We covered the syllabus in a short space of time, and near my test date Nik very kindly agreed to book extra slots so I could practice my weak areas. Nik is a fantastic instructor, and I recommend him very, very highly.

Rosie, Stoke Newington

After many failed attempts at passing my practical driving test and several driving instructors from well-known and independent driving schools, I had almost given up hope of driving and passing my test. I had tried what felt like almost every driving school in London, spent thousands of pounds on lessons and had learnt to drive with a diverse mix of instructors, all of which had failed to help me pass my test. After 4 years since my last test and last driving lesson, I decided to start driving again and was determined to pass my driving test this time round. I decided to start driving lessons with Nik. I spoke to Nik over the phone and he informed me he had a busy schedule but would try to fit me in. After my first driving lesson with Nik, I could see why he was in huge demand with learners and had a busy schedule, he was amazing. Nik has qualities to suit every learner; he is patient, honest and friendly. It was refreshing to have a driving instructor who was passionate about teaching me to drive and just as determined as I was to help me pass my test as opposed to just wanting to make money, as I had experienced with previous driving instructors. Nik’s main priority was making sure I was a competent, safe driver and that I developed a good driving ability that could be maintained for life, not just to pass my driving test. After only ten lessons, I passed my test first time with Nik due to his professionalism, great instruction and calm and supporting nature. Unlike most instructors, Nik does not provide a generic lesson, his lessons are tailor-made to suit and support each individual learner’s needs. I would recommend Nik to all learners and would even go as far as saying if you have lessons with Nick, you are guaranteed to pass your driving test.

Victoria, North Finchley

Passing my driving exam has been one of my ultimate goals since I moved to the UK. I knew the exam would be more challenging than when I took my driving test in America at 16-years-old. Plus, after reading frightening stories of foreigners failing the practical test many times, I knew I needed a phenomenal driving instructor.
I found “Drive with Nik” after meticulously researching driving instructors in north London. I knew right away that he was the perfect teacher for me after our initial 2-hour lesson. For this reason, I decided it was worth travelling the long journey from Epping to continue our weekly lessons.
Nik is remarkably laid-back, friendly, patient, and calm — which are crucial characteristics to possess when teaching fearful and nervous learners. He never made me feel useless or incompetent whenever I made driving mistakes, which helped my confidence greatly. Nik is a human encyclopaedia on British roads. He holds a wealth of information on driving in the UK that I couldn’t believe how much I learned throughout our time together. And that’s after I passed my theory test!
Digital skills are not optional in today’s tech-savvy world, and Nik thoroughly embraced technology in our lessons. His technological know-how concerning relevant iPad applications and dash cam video enabled me to become a better driver in a shorter time period, which helped save me time and money in the long run. Nik genuinely wants to help his clients become confident and efficient drivers and isn’t money-hungry or pushy like some other instructors. He never once used salespeople tactics on me, which was refreshing.
As an American who just passed the UK practical test in Barnet, I have a newfound respect for anyone holding a UK driving licence. Thanks to Nik, I’m a more confident driver, and thanks to Nik, I received a pass certificate from the 4th hardest test centre to pass your driving test in the UK.*
I’m so proud to share the streets with a nation of drivers who passed the same difficult test. Americans don’t know how easy they have it!
If you’re serious about passing your test, hire “Drive with Nik”. I can’t recommend him enough. His professionalism, optimism, and invaluable driving knowledge guarantees that you’ll pass your test with flying colours. For a reason he has innumerable five-star reviews from legitimate clients.

Sonia, Oakwood

Simply said, Nik is an instructor that can work with the likes of a constant worrier like myself, and produce a driver who passes first time with only four minors!
Apart from the driving itself, what I feel was most important was the communication. Nik keenly listened to my story in a calm, relaxed and open manner, from start to finish. It’s still surprising that I was able to candidly explain myself and share my observations, because with my quiet nature I find that to be difficult in most places. Then with a sharp eye for detail, Nik gave well-targeted, supportive and creative feedback that made sense to my personal way of learning. It really made me feel understood. This enabled me to improve on weaknesses without shame, and push boundaries (e.g. motorway driving!) with confidence. I believe this is how he ‘tailors to your needs’, as many other reviewers mentioned. For a person that had a mental allergy to the idea of driving, the thirty lessons were almost therapeutic. Can’t recommend enough. If you’re in his area, look no further (but do consider waiting time of at least a few weeks, he is a man in high demand)!
I can’t wait to make use of my shiny new licence. Thank you so much for everything Nik!

Jane, Southgate

There are not enough compliments to pay Nik, adjectives to describe his mastery of driving or even limits to his working knowledge of the highway code. Nik is quite simply in a league of his own where high standards of teaching is concerned. I cannot remember any driving lesson with Nik that was boring or stressful. He made me feel like a driver as soon as I got into the car and I think that was crucial to me developing the mindset, mannerisms and ethos of a DRIVER, rather than a learner. His knowledge also seemed to rub off on me as I found myself correcting my own mistakes, foward planning out loud and even driving in an eco safe way very early on in my driving lessons. He is always very calm and has a knack for figuring out what works for you. Another credit to his name is his knowledge of the local and surrounding areas. My driving lessons were never crammed into one area, he made sure I drove on a variety of roads in various areas. This helped my confidence to no end and equipped me with the ability to drive on any road. I can’t tell you enough how useful that was for me during my driving test. It meant I never once had to memorise a test route, didn’t have to worry about which driving test centre to choose and could drive confidently on my test. LEARN TO DRIVE WITH NIK!!! There is nothing else to it. I cannot recommend him enough. He is THE driving instructor to beat full stop. Thank you for everything Nik!

Henry, Wood Green

BEST INSTRUCTOR IN NORTH LONDON ! I have been through more than a few driving instructors and have failed multiple times. Upon driving with Nik he took the time to understand what I struggled with and worked on these issues throughout lessons. He made sure I had confidence whilst driving and taught me logically how to do things rather than just for the test. As a result I feel I am now a safe driver. His feedback sheets after every lesson are invaluable, allowing you to see your progress. Similarly, his dash cam can be easily accessed on his laptop which he always has. From this you are able to see exactly where you went wrong and where, making you understand better. He never used his phone during our lessons, or stopped for lunch unlike previous instructors. As a result I changed from a nervous driver who kept taking tests to passing with Nik first time. He was the only instructor who improved my confidence and ironed out all my problems. I recommend him a lot. He does not shout or get angry nor impatient. He is worth the price.

Mareya, Southgate

Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas do you cover?
I pick-up and drop-off within N9, N11, N13, N14, N18, N21, EN1, EN2, EN4
How do I book lessons?
The first lesson(s) MUST be booked and paid for in advance online. Subsequent lessons can be booked in-car.
How can I pay and what payment methods do you accept?
All lessons have to be paid in advance via PayPal, bank transfer, or credit/debit card. I don’t accept cash or cheque.
How many lessons do I need before taking my practical test?
If you are a beginner the Driving Standard Agency recommends 45 hours of instructor led tuition and 25 hours private tuition.  However, this will vary from person to person. In general, at least 40 hours are needed but please be aware that 50-60 hours is not uncommon!
Do you provide automatic tuition?
Yes, in a Kia Picanto Sport.
What are your business hours?
Monday to Friday 10AM-6PM. Weekends CLOSED.
Drive with Nik